Internet of Things (IoT) Summit at RWW2023
25 January – 3 February 2023 // Las Vegas, NV // USA


6th IEEE Internet of Things (IoT) Vertical and Topical Summit at RWW2023:
“Quantum Information Technologies for IoT”

A hybrid event conducted from January 25 through February 3, 2023


The 6th IEEE Internet of Things (IoT) Vertical and Topical Summit at RWW2023 addresses Quantum Information Technologies for IoT and the impact of Quantum Technologies on both IoT infrastructure and IoT applications. The Summit is sponsored by MTT-S and by the multi-society IEEE IoT Initiative.

Quantum Information Technology and its underlying scientific basis is the use of information encoded into quantum mechanical states to sense, process, and communicate information. This is an entirely new paradigm, and for important classes of problems, it promises performance that is well beyond, and even out of reach of conventional information processing techniques. This relatively new field began to get attention in the 1990s and has seen considerable investment by research and business communities. The attraction is the hope that, at maturity, Quantum Information Technologies (QITs) will significantly exceed the capabilities of digital and analog information processing by many orders of magnitude. If the promises come to fruition, the implications for IoT are profound. The purpose of the Summit is to assess where QITs are in their journey to completion, when QITs are available for IoT solutions, what challenges lie ahead in delivering on practical uses of QITs, and what IoT infrastructure and applications will benefit in tangible ways.

In the past decade, QIT has transitioned from physics discovery and investigations to engineering practice, and impactful systems with performance better than their classical counterparts are starting to be demonstrated [1-8]. While there is still considerable room for discovery and invention, and additional basic science questions remain, the pace of engineering advancement has seen several areas important to IoT emerge. These include Quantum Computing, Communications, Sensing, and the emergence of algorithms and software to take advantage of the new capabilities. The Summit will provide an overview of Quantum Information Technologies and where they may fit into the world of IoT. It will then explore essential topics in sessions dedicated to specific aspects of Quantum Information Technologies.

The upcoming Summit is a six-day event designed to reflect the lessons learned and conditions at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have chosen to deliver the program in two parts. The first is a hybrid event consisting of two face-to-face and virtually live online sessions on the afternoon of January 25, 2023. The second is a week of virtual live online single daily sessions from January 30 – February 3, 2023. Based on our experience with virtual programming for IEEE WFIoT2021 [ ], this makes it easier to attract participation from speakers and attendees from around the world. The Summit is meant to be highly interactive, and each session is composed of three to four speakers and a moderated panel discussion with audience participation. For the final session on Friday, February 3, 2023, we will conduct a virtual roundtable discussion led by a moderator and use both prepared and open questions from the attendees. The Summit seeks to provide a balance of perspectives, and the speakers include experts from industry, government, the research community, and experienced end-users. You can expect the presentations and discussions to address technical, business, and operational issues.


The website and program for the upcoming Summit and as well as presentation material from past summits can be found through: - Las Vegas, NV - RWW2022 program and presentations - San Diego CA - RWW2021 program and presentations - San Antonio TX - RWW2020 program and presentations   - Orland FL - RWW2019 program and presentations - Anaheim CA - RWW2018 program and presentations

The program is intended for a general but knowledgeable audience. Suppose you are a policy maker, a strategist, a corporate manager, an administrator, or a product developer, working on either IoT or Quantum Information Technologies. In that case, you will be part of an essential dialog about what it will take for Quantum Information Technologies to be adopted as part of the mainstream in IoT. Suppose you are an IoT or mmWave engineer, a technologist, researcher, educator, working in the industry, government, or academia, or just curious about IoT and the progress and march towards maturity for Quantum Information Technologies. In that case, you will find the Summit stimulating and rewarding.

We look forward to having you join us on January 25, 2023 for the hybrid portion of the program (Face-to-Face and live online) and the virtual live online program from January 30 through February 3, 2023. See you online and hopefully in Las Vegas!